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architekt Praha

_we are architectural studio and construction firm that handles all phases of project documentation from initial studies and visualization to realization including the building's supervision
_we can in a short time to prepare documentation for the zoning, building permit, documentation for building construction or interior design, for example, office or apartment

_we follow new world architectural trends, including the technologies and materials

_architectural activity has grown in 2011 and the activity stavební- clients and offer comprehensive turnkey services from start to finish construction process               

I focus on projects of reconstruction of the interiors in the center of Prague, including their implementation. Among my favorite materials include wood, glass, brushed steel, he also likes to apply mirrors and glass mosaics. My favorite colors are black and white combined with green, brown and natural color wood. In his own work, I love linking indigenous traditional historical elements with modern, trying to underline the contrast of the contemporary interiors of ancient charm with contemporary materials and timeless styles ".  

                                                    Petr Jancalek

_reconstruction of the apartment house in Prague 4, kitchenette, more info
  Prague, 2011


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